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The Prep is one of the most acclaimed charter schools in the
state and continues to post test scores that exceed state
standards and receive national recognition for its academic
excellence. As the largest charter school competing in the
Arizona Interscholastic Association, the Falcons have won 8
State Championships and North Pointe performers have won
numerous individual State Championships in the Arts.
North Pointe Prep Falcons
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North Pointe continues to be
ranked as one of America's Best
For the third year in a row, North Pointe has been ranked as one of
the Best High Schools in America by US News and World Report.
The National ranking is based upon Sophomores AIMS scores as
well as 9th-12th grade Advanced Placement Testing in each of the
core subject areas. "Although rankings based on test scores can be
misleading with regard to a school's competency," said North
Pointe's Principal Richard Gow, "I am more comfortable with results
from a ranking that considers freshmen-seniors in all core subjects
and actually reflects our students' readiness for college instead of
the State's formula that focuses on one grade in two subject areas
and is not solely based upon student achievement." The Prep
advanced from last year's #22 in the State ranking to #17 and was
ranked as #4 among all public high schools with a Phoenix address.
North Pointe also moved from #13 last year to #10 this year among
all valley schools and continues to be ranked as the top charter high
school in the Northwest Valley.  
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Class of 2014's experiences and
accomplishments are celebrated
North Pointe's Class of 2014 received their diplomas in a celebration
that was hosted by preptv's Jennifer Hershberger and featured a
choral tribute to the 51 graduates who survived the turbulent
Jr. High years. This year's format was similar to preptv's morning
show and included segments focused on the Class of 2014's
experiences and accomplishments. The evening began with the
entire Senior class singing their version of Frozen's 'Love is an Open
Door' while images of their Jr. High Years were shown. The modified
lyrics celebrated the original 51 graduates (out of 130) who lead the
transformation from the worst to best. As Hershberger took the stage
to welcome the crowd of over 2500, a video of her morning show
bloopers and behind the scene comments was presented. Other
segments featured the High School Choir singing Breaking Free to
images of 9th-11th grades, interview segments that highlighted
Seniors who participated this year in each of the 4A's, and videos of
each graduate as they received their diplomas.